Alberto Lacaze

President and co-founder

Robotic Research

Mr. Lacaze is President and co-founder of Robotic Research and has conducted extensive research and practical field testing of software, sensors, and techniques to support unmanned autonomous mobility for ground vehicles. This includes development of planning algorithms for many uses, specifically, on and off‐road autonomous vehicles; software for terrain perception using LADAR hardware; registration algorithms from multiple sensors data; and a variety of work supporting applications for maritime and collaborative environments using unmanned platforms. Recent work includes innovative approaches to highly accurate human and robot localization capabilities in GPS‐denied areas that allow for effective human/robot teaming. Mr. Lacaze has been a technical lead and/or managerial leader for a wide range of DoD and other government programs starting with his work at NIST in the 1990s and continuing to the present. He serves as an expert advisor to the US State Department in matters related to the field of autonomous unmanned systems.