Erick Page-Littleford

Project Director SBIR Road Tour and SBA PMO Support Services


Erick Littleford heads Dawnbreaker's Phase III Evaluation efforts, as well as serves as the Program Manager for the Small Business Administration (SBA) SBIR Road Tours and program support services. Through his role as SBA Program Manager, Mr. Littleford sources and partners with state innovation leaders to execute the 20-state SBIR Road Tour—Seeding America’s Future Innovations. He also leads research efforts to surface state-based innovation support mechanisms, including identification of Phase Zero, Phase I to Phase II Bridge programs, and other state and agency based commercialization support services. As Manager of the Evaluation Team, Mr. Littleford develops research designs, identifies primary and secondary sources of data, and oversees the execution of evaluation projects. Having primary responsibility for the company’s internal quality control process, Mr. Littleford develops survey instruments and oversees the collection of project commercialization data from hundreds of projects annually, following company Phase II commercialization and transition support program interventions. Mr. Littleford earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Public Policy from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 2004, where he was the recipient of numerous leadership awards/scholarships and recognized as one of the University’s few two-term popularly elected President of Student Government. In 2014, he received his Masters of Science degree in Science, Technology & Public Policy (STPP) from RIT.