Vikas Patnaik

Director, Modeling & Simulation Network of Excellence, & Chief Engineer, Networks of Excellence

Ingersoll Rand

Vikas Patnaik is Director, Modeling & Simulation Network of Excellence, and Chief Engineer, Networks of Excellence, at Ingersoll Rand. In these roles, Vik oversees the development and deployment of new capabilities supporting new product development and technology introduction across all business units of Ingersoll Rand, through cross-collaboration between the different engineering & technology functions internally as well as external partnerships.

Vik joined Trane Commercial in La Crosse, Wisconsin, in 1998, serving as a development engineer for the absorption chiller product. He quickly progressed through engineering roles of greater scope and complexity, building strong competencies in thermal systems and modeling, simulation and analysis, and technology leadership, stewarding the M&S NoE, the first of IR’s NoEs, from concept into an impactful global function. Over his working career, Vik has developed a particular interest in the application of advanced technologies to minimize environmental impact and resource depletion, coinciding with IR’s Climate Commitment towards a more sustainable world.

Prior to joining Trane / Ingersoll Rand, Vik worked as a Research Engineer at Phillips Engineering Company in St. Joseph, Michigan, developing towards commercialization gas-fired ammonia-water absorption heat pumps for residential applications.

Vik holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, both a master’s degree and PhD in mechanical (thermal) engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, and an MBA from the University of Manchester, UK.

Vik enjoys the performing arts, in particular music and theater, and sees the coming together of science/engineering and the arts as essential to the realization of a truly civilized society and fulfillment of its members.