Anupama B Kaul

AT&T Distinguished Professor

The University of Texas at El Paso

Dr. Kaul obtained her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California, Berkeley in Materials Science and Engineering with minors in Electrical Engineering and Physics in 2000, while her B.S. degrees (with Honors) were in Physics and Engineering Physics from Oregon State University.

Dr. Kaul was a Senior R&D Engineer at Motorola Labs where she was engaged in research on a DARPA-sponsored RF-MEMS program. She spent 12 years at the Jet Propulsion Labs, California Insititute of Technology as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff and Task Manager. The last three of those years were spent serving as a Program Director (IPA) at the National Science Foundation in Washington D.C. in the Electrical Communications and Cyber Systems Division in the Engineering Directorate.

Dr. Kaul joined UTEP in the Fall of 2014. Her research revolves around exploring the electrical, optical and mechanical properties of nanoscale materials for device applications. In particular, her research is currently focused on the synthesis, materials property characterization and integration of layered nanomaterials for a wide range of devices.