Kwang Cheol (KC) Jeong

Assistant Professor

University of Florida

Dr. K. C. Jeong’s ultimate research goal is to intervene pathogens for the benefit of animals and humans.  To achieve this goal, his research areas are not only in basic sciences but also in applied sciences. Antimicrobial resistance microorganisms and Shiga-toxin producing E. coli (STEC) are his primary target research areas. The primary goal of basic science research is to understand molecular mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance, colonization, host-microbe interactions, and survival of bacterial pathogens in hosts. Identification of genetic traits responsible for the survival of pathogens in the host and characterization of genes and proteins will provide insights for the development of intervention technologies. Dr. Jeong’s repertoire of knowledge in molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, and genetic techniques will be applicable to various aspects of this research.  Developing intervention technologies to fight against pathogens using micro and nanoparticles is another key part of his research program. He developed chitosan microparticles as an alternative antimicrobial agent and his research has focused on the increment of efficacy in chitosan microparticles targeting a broad spectrum of pathogens, including antimicrobial resistant microorganisms. Furthermore, development of nanoparticles with high specificity against pathogens is ongoing interest. Currently, Dr. Jeong’s research program has focused on following topics.