Pooran C. Joshi

Senior Scientist, Materials Processing and Manufacturing Group

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. Joshi is a Senior Scientist in the Materials Science & Technology Division at ORNL. Currently, Dr. Joshi’s research focuses on the PTP technique for advanced manufacturing of materials, flexible electronics manufacturing and applications, thin films and interfaces, and photovoltaics.

Dr. Joshi has over twenty years of research and development experience in the fabrication and processing of diverse dielectric, ferroelectric, and semiconductor materials and devices. Dr. Joshi has over ten years of industrial R&D experience in the area of display devices, optoelectronic applications, and flexible electronics. Prior to joining ORNL, he was Principal Engineer at SHARP Labs of America (2001-2011). At SHARP Labs, he was the winner of three Inventor of the Year awards for R&D work focused on: Low temperature thin films and TFT device integration, novel plasma synthesis of nc-Si for optoelectronic applications, and high performance thin films for flexible electronics and solar cell applications. Dr. Joshi was awarded ARL-ASEE fellowship to conduct research work at Weapons and Materials Research Directorate, US Army research laboratory (1998-2001). The R&D work was focused on the development of tunable dielectric materials for frequency agile communication devices, thermally stable metal/SiC contacts, and pyroelectric thin film detectors. Dr. Joshi did his post-doctoral research at Virginia Tech on ferroelectric thin films for nonvolatile memory applications (1996-1998). He received his Ph.D. from University of Delhi (1995). Dr. Joshi was awarded Fulbright fellowship to conduct pre-doctoral research at the Pennsylvania State University under INDO-US fellowship program. Dr. Joshi received his M.Sc.(Major: Electronics, 1988) and B.Sc. (Honors) Physics degrees from University of Delhi (1986). He was awarded Dr. K. S. Krishnan Gold Medal for highest achievement in the M.Sc. program. He was also the recipient of Delhi University Science Merit scholarship for his performance in the B.Sc. program.

Dr. Joshi has published 2 book chapters, over 40 journal papers (over 1000 citations) and 30 conference presentations. He is the holder of 24 U.S. patents mapping diverse material and device technology areas: display electronics, optoelectronic devices, high-density PECVD technique for low temperature electronics, metal/semiconductor and metal/dielectric contacts, amorphous and crystalline thin films, tunable dielectrics for frequency agile applications. 

Dr. Joshi’s research interests and expertise include: material and device development in terms of structure-property-process correlation, low cost and low temperature processing for flexible electronics and photovoltaic applications, integrated electronics devices exploiting structural, electrical, and optical properties of dielectric, ferroelectric, and semiconductor materials (MOS-capacitor, TFTs, MOSFETs, solar cells, nanomaterials and nanostructures, PL/EL devices, flexible circuits and sensors).