Cathy Tway

R&D Director, Inorganic Materials and Heterogeneous Catalysis

The Dow Chemical Company

Cathy Tway is the R&D Director for the Inorganic Materials & Heterogeneous Catalysis Capability of Core Research & Development.  Her organization utilizes traditional and specialized techniques in high throughput experimentation, modeling and informatics, and characterization to accelerate inorganic materials and heterogeneous catalysis discovery, development, and commercialization. Cathy joined Dow in 2007 as a Research Leader in the Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis organization, where she developed and led the Core R&D efforts for catalyst discovery and also introduced several new inorganic materials research programs. Prior to joining Dow, Cathy held positions at Celanese, Solutia and AkzoNobel, holding both individual contributor and R&D leadership roles. Her industrial experience covers the entire catalyst project life cycle including front end identification and creation of new technologies, process scale-up, commercialization and plant support. Over her career, Cathy has commercialized two inorganic materials and four catalyst technologies, with two of these processes still in use today. Cathy earned her B.S. degree in Chemistry from Wichita State University and her PhD in Physical Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.