Ryan Roeder


University of Notre Dame

Dr. Roeder is a Professor at the University of Notre Dame where he is affiliated with the Bioengineering Graduate Program, Harper Cancer Research Institute, and Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.  Dr. Roeder?s primary research focus is on nanoparticle imaging probes for contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT), molecular imaging with spectral (multi-energy) CT, and multimodal imaging. Others research interests broadly span biomaterials, including scaffolds for regenerating tissues and drug delivery, as well as biomechanics, including the mechanobiology and micromechanics of musculoskeletal tissues.  Dr. Roeder?s research has been supported by the NSF, NIH, CDMRP, and DARPA, as well as a number of private foundations and corporations.  Dr. Roeder has published more than 80 journal articles and 160 conference papers, as well as 2 patents awarded and 2 patents pending.