Key Trends and Developments in the Additive Manufacturing Startup and Technology Landscape

D. Horvath
Lux Research Inc.,
United States

Keywords: 3D printing, additive manufacturing, innovation, startup, printable materials, design software


Lux Research provides strategic advice and ongoing intelligence in a number of technology domains, with a strong background in Advanced Materials and Design and Manufacturing. This research constitutes interviews with startup founders and executives, combined with secondary data, to create valuable technical and market insight into printable materials, printers, and additive manufacturing as a whole. By getting detailed information straight from startups, innovation grids are created that illustrate startups' technical and business ratings with maturity and stage of development, allowing for a detailed assessment of the early players in a technology area. Tracking this information shows the latest trends in startup activity, the direction of new technologies, and allows interested parties to create strategic plans, understand competitive landscapes, and gain insight into potential partnerships. Technology areas to be covered can include metal additive manufacturing, stereolithography, FFF, 3D scanning, and software tools. Case studies may also be included to highlight recent trends and examples, such as the growth of the “desktop professional” 3D printing segment.