SEM Characterization of Adipose Tissue Structure

V. Brimiene, R. Skaudzius, M. Misevicius, G. Brimas, E. Brimas, A. Kareiva
Vilnius University,

Keywords: adipose tissue, layers of adipose tissue, characterization, surface, morphology, SEM


In this work the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used for the characterization of adipose tissue samples taken from volunteer obese patients. The adipose tissue was taken from 3 layers of adipose tissue (subcutaneous, preperitoneal and visceral). The obtained results provided information about structural composition of adipose tissue layers in human body, as well as main microstructural features. It was demonstrated for the first time to the best our knowledge that SEM is indispensable tools in order to investigate some special morphological features of human adipose tissue, identifying surface structure of it. From the obtained results we concluded that such characterization of adipose tissue is an essential step for the possible prediction of appearance of symptoms of different diseases.