Mass Production and Application of Electrospun Polyimide Porous Membranes for Li-Ion Battery

X. Wang, L. Chen, H. Hou
Jiangxi Normal University,

Keywords: electrospinning, polyimide nanofibers, porous membranes, separator for Li-ion battery


To date, the electrospun nanofiber nonwovens or self-supporting electrospun porous membranes have, however, not been produced in a large scale. In this presentation, we introduce a way to the mass production of electrospun polyimide porous membranes by using needle-electrospinning nozzle array modules. The production speed of nanofiber membranes could reach ~3 m2 per minute with a surface density of 10-15 g/m2. The as-produced nanofiber products could be used as the battery separator. The Li-ion battery with the polyimide nanofiber separator shows a high safety, a high rate capability and a high cycling stability due to the heat-resistance and high porosity of the electrospun polyimide nanofiber separator. Overall, self-supporting polyimide nanofiber membranes could be continuously produced in a large scale by using needled electrospinning nozzle array modules, and the as-produced nanofiber products are being used or finding uses in battery fields.