In Situ Neutron Depth Profiling for Interface Study of Garnet Based Solid State Battery

C. Wang, Y. Gong, H. Xie, L. Zhang, B. Liu, G. Downing, E. Wachsman, H. Wang, L. Hu
University of Maryland,
United States

Keywords: neutron depth profiling, Garnet, solid state electrolyte, interface, in situ


Due to the non-flammability and the excellent mechanical properties to potentially block the lithium dendrites, solid state electrolytes (SSEs) are very promising to replace the traditional liquid electrolytes and work with lithium metal safely. However, there is still a lot of problem need to be studied, including its high interface impedance with electrodes and its resistance to dendrite growth. Neutron depth profiling (NDP) is a quantitative analytical technique as a function of depth into the sample surface for elements, such as Li, B, N, Na, etc. With this in situ NDP technique, we are able to study the interface change between lithium anode and garnet electrolyte during the cycling.