Sensing Opportunities for NASA Aerospace Missions

W. Wilson
NASA Langley Research Center,
United States

Keywords: NASA, sensors, aerospace


From ground testing, to aircraft testing, to long duration space missions, NASA has many needs for sensors. NASA performs rigorous tests on aerospace vehicles before, during, and after flight. Many of these tests would benefit from new sensors that are smaller, lighter, wireless, and use less power than currently available sensors. The sensors applications may require temperature, pressure, strain, acoustic, ultrasonic, biological, chemical or other sensing. The sensing environments may be harsh and may include extremes in temperature (from cryogenic to greater than 1,500 °C), pressure, vibration, ionizing radiation, or chemical exposure. This talk will present a subset of opportunities for universities and industry to develop new sensors for NASA’s anticipated testing needs. Some of the implementation issues will be presented, and the sensor needs will be associated with specific SBIR and STTR subtopic proposal calls.