Nanomaterials for Catalysis: Looking for the Silver Lining

C. Tway, G. Athens, E. Stangland, E. Frank
The Dow Chemical Company,
United States

Keywords: nanomaterials, catalysis


The field of nanoparticle synthesis has matured to the point where very precise control over particle size and morphologies are possible. Through controlled nucleation and growth, unique structures can be created, opening up pathways to highly selective and active catalyst systems. However, the synthetic strategies utilized for delivering such precise control often require structure directing or stabilizing agents which are strongly adhered to the nanoparticle surface, limiting its accessibility for catalytic reactions and thus the envisioned advantages. Furthermore, attempts to remove these species can result in loss of the desired structures or particle size control. This talk will examine some of the synthesis and characterization strategies explored by Dow and will present some of the barriers we encountered when attempting to develop Ag nanoparticle technologies.