Multivariable Sensors for Ubiquitous Monitoring of Gases

R. Potyrailo
GE Global Research,
United States

Keywords: Gas and vapor sensors, multivariable individual sensors, sensor selectivity, sensor stability


Modern gas monitoring scenarios for medical diagnostics, environmental surveillance, industrial safety, and other applications demand new sensing capabilities, which are unavailable from existing commodity sensors. A new generation of vapor sensors, known as multivariable sensors, recently emerged with a fundamentally different perspective for sensing to eliminate limitations of existing individual sensors and their arrays. In our talk, we will provide details on the design criteria of these sensors and examples of their performance. These new sensors quantify individual components in mixtures, reject interferences, and offer more stable response over sensor arrays. Such performance provides a significantly added value for these new sensors and is attractive when selectivity advantages of classic gas chromatography, ion mobility, and mass spectrometry instruments are canceled by requirements for no consumables, low power, low cost, and unobtrusive form factors. These requirements are critical for Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, and other applications. We will conclude the talk with a perspective for future needs in fundamental and applied aspects of gas sensing and with the 2025 roadmap for ubiquitous gas monitoring.