Printed Electronics: Towards more advanced functional coatings

G. Gulsoy
TE Connectivity,
United States

Keywords: printed electronics, ink coatings


As a global technology leader in harsh environment connectivity and sensor solutions, TE Connectivity is committed to drive innovation in its global markets by utilizing agile, flexible, eco-friendly and cost-effective material and processing technologies, such as printed electronics. TE Connectivity’s proprietary printed electronics technology, “dry-plating”, enables printed conductive ink films to achieve near-theoretical density and near-bulk electrical properties. When applied on metallic substrates. “dry-plated” conductive ink coatings result in enhanced electrical, mechanical and corrosion properties, which can be retained even after exposure to harsh environment conditions. This talk will give an overview of the advanced functional properties of the “dry-plated” conductive ink coatings in comparison with the properties of the coatings fabricated by conventional electrodeposition and printed electronics technologies.