An Update of Nano-biomaterials Research in Food and Agriculture System

H. Chen
U.S. Department of Agriculture,
United States

Keywords: nano-biomaterial, food, research


Nanotechnology R&D in agriculture and food systems in US has aimed at providing novel solutions to the grand challenges such as sustainability, productivity, nutrition and human health, the environment, food safety and biosecurity, education, and public perception and acceptance. This invited presentation will provide an update in nano-biomaterial research and discovery for food and agriculture that have been supported by USDA/NIFA. Applications of various nano-biomaterials will be highlighted. Nanoscale delivery of micronutrients, bioactives and agrochemicals will be discussed. Nanotechnology enabled detection and intervention approaches will be showcased. Some recent works in assessing the benefits and risks of selected engineering nanoparticles and nanostructures in agriculture and food applications will also be briefly highlighted.