Wyoming: Managing and Utilizing Carbon Based Resources Responsibly, A Strategy

C. Bauer
Artis International,
United States

Keywords: carbon utilization, carbon based resources


Wyoming is pursuing strategic initiatives to provide opportunity to resident and emerging industries to manage carbon responsibly. The state’s declared intention is to responsibly manage and utilize carbon based resources and demonstrate directional compliance with developing legislative and policy instruments. These strategies seek to avoid prohibitive impacts on the environment and economic growth ambitions and profitability. These goals will be met through investment in the application of advancing technological conversion of the state’s vast, varied and abundant natural resources to produce environmentally responsible products and intermediary feedstocks for use and export. This Wyoming strategy is crafted upon three very important and crucial inter-dependent imperatives -Reducing Net CO2 Inventory Release through CO2 utilization and management -Managing Excess Process CO2, and Moving Towards ‘Zero’ Atmospheric Emissions -Capturing the Value from Carbon