Feedback Process Control for Nano-manufacturing of Semi-conductor Circuits

W. Kohn, Z.B. Zabinsky
Atigeo, LLC and CUNY Graduate Center, Computer Science Department,
United States

Keywords: parocess control, IoT, scaffolding, self-assembly, quantum lithography


We develop a feedback process control to realize 3-D circuits with a 2 to 4 nanometer footprint, using a heavily modified ink-jet based nano-manufacturing facility that includes actuator controls driven by pulsed femto lasers. At this footprint level, quantum effects are significant. Our technology for quantizing the design of a digital circuit into a 3-D implementation using master equation models is based on a quantized Hamiltonian that is tracked by the Hamiltonian of the printer to deploy the circuit design. We develop a quantum hybrid controller for manufacturing processes at the mesoscopic and quantum levels that includes interdependent multi-stage processes (e.g., quantum lithography, molecular epitaxial deposition, vertical dots, quantum wells, quantum wires, etc.). The quantum hybrid controller will be able to transform a desired circuit (expressed in logic and continuous rules) into manufacturing processes that will realize the nano-circuit and achieve performance criteria (such as maximize yield, maximize signal-to-noise ratio, minimize energy consumption, minimize dissipation, etc.). The proposed system will include a language for the rules that describe the specifications of the circuit, an interface with the manufacturing processes to monitor and prescribe the sequencing, and a design dashboard. The quantum hybrid controller works with Hamiltonian operators to represent the system to achieve overall manufacturing synchronization and control. The quantum hybrid controller will enable automation of nano-manufacturing of nano-circuits.