How micro technology can be used in the design of food products

K. Schro├źn
Wageningen University,

Keywords: food, microfluidics


During the presentation I will go into detail on the work carried out in the food micro technology group, within which we investigate phenomena at micrometer scale (experiments, models) leading to fundamental understanding, while at the same time this knowledge is used to develop novel large scale process technology. More specifically, I will discuss our work done on particle migration that is applied to filtration processes, and emulsification in small microfluidic devices, of which the underlying mechanisms are used to scale up production of very monodisperse emulsions. In both cases, the novel processes developed are very low in energy density and lead to product properties that are of interest for formulation. Besides this, I will discuss how we used microfluidic tools to characterise emulsion formation, dynamic interfacial tension during droplet formation, and droplet stability. In this way I will present an overview of various aspects related to micro technology and how it can useful in the design of food products.