All-in-one Droplet Microfluidics for Molecular Diagnostics

J.T-H Wang
Johns Hopkins University,
United States

Keywords: bioanalytical assays, microfluidics, microchip


One major challenge in implementing complex bioanalytical assays such as genetic detection in a high-throughput manner is to develop a fluid control system that is simple yet fully functional. Manipulation of droplets on a microchip promises easier, more flexible, and more functionally integrated liquid control, than does continuous flow microfluidics. The talk focuses on the development of a droplet microfluidic platform for the detection of biomarkers for human diseases such as cancer and infectious using crude biosamples, as well as for agriculture for high-throughput marker assisted selection (MAS). The framework for the droplet microfluidics in our biomarker analyses is based on two main themes. The emulsion-based picolitre droplet platform provides new ways to measure and digitally analyze biomolecules with high sensitivity and quantification accuracy. This platform also facilitates combinatorial, high-throughput screening of biomarkers. Meanwhile, the surface-based microliter droplet platform provides an opportunity to develop miniaturized diagnostic systems fully integrated with sample preparation and. Such platform may function as portable bench-top environments that dramatically shorten the transition of a bench-top assay into a point-of-care format.