Monolithic Integration of Pixelated LEDs for Lighting and Microdisplay Applications

J. Xu
Penn State University,
United States

Keywords: light emitting diodes, lighting, display, efficiency, brightness, driver-free, resolution, wearable


Pixelated light-emitting-diodes (LEDs) have been designed and fabricated to exploit their applications in driver-free solid state lighting and high-resolution microdisplay panels. III-nitride micro-LEDs were monolithically integrated with Schottky barrier diodes rendering driver-free operation of single chip LED lamps with city electricity. The single-chip alternating-current LED scheme eliminates the drivers for reduced lamp module cost and improved compactness. In a parallel effort, dense matrix arrays of violet and blue micro-LEDs were fabricated and flip-chip bonded to the silicon backplanes of CMOS active matrix circuits to form microdisplay panels. The active microdisplay panels exhibit high brightness, high efficiency, excellent contrast, and a wide range of operation temperature, and hold great potentials in next-generation wearable electronics.