Rapid Detection of Drugs-of-abuse in Urine and Oral Fluid by Mass Spectrometry

T-T Ng, B. Hu, P-K So, Z. Yao
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
Hong Kong

Keywords: drugs-of-abuse, urine, oral fluid, mass spectrometry, direct analysis


Drug analysis is crucial for control of drugs abuse. Conventional drug analysis typically involves preliminary screening, followed by confirmatory analysis. However, the preliminary screening has the problem of producing false positive or false negative results, while the confirmatory analysis is time-consuming and laborious. To solve these problems, we developed two techniques, i.e., wooden-tip electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (WT-ESI-MS) and solid phase microextraction coupled with electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (SPEM-ESI-MS), for rapid and reliable detection of drugs-of-abuse. WT-ESI-MS allowed detection of common drugs-of-abuse in urine and oral fluid with analysis of one sample within minutes, while SPME-ESI-MS allowed detection of drugs-of-abuse in urine and oral fluid with higher sensitivity within reasonable time.