Melodea's industrial CNC production and products develpoment

S. Lapidot
Melodea Ltd.,

Keywords: cellulose nano crystals, CNC, melodea, products development


Melodea Ltd. is a pioneer and leader in the development of an economically viable industrial process for the production of CNC from wood pulp, sludge from the paper industry, and other sources. Melodea’s CNC propriety production process is simple, involving efficient chemical utilization, reduced water usage, fully chemical recycles, low energy consumption and minimized CAPEX. Melodea is a technology company and our mission is to license our intellectual property to users having the desire to incorporate CNC in their product or to resale CNC as an additive for end users. At this point of time Melodea is increasing the production capacity both in Israel and abroad to meet market demands. Together with Holmen, MoRe Research and S.P. Sweden the company is completing the building of the first CNC pilot plant in Sweden that will produce 100 kg/day of CNC. This facility will start producing in January 2017. In parallel Melodea is increasing its local production in Israel to support the growing collaborations with the industry leading to constant increase in material demand. In addition to CNC Production, Melodea is highly dedicated to product development. Melodea established tens of contacts with industrial partners around the globe to form joint products development in different fields in order to push forward the CNC market and material demand.