Synthesis of Titanium Nanoparticles with Controlled Size Variation by Physical Vapor Deposition

F.G. Alzubi
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research,

Keywords: Ti nanoparticles, e-beam PVD, thermal annealing, thickness variation


In this work, we were able to control the diameter of the formed Ti nanoparticles by varying the deposited film thicknesses to different values 2, 4, 6, 8, and 18 nm. Size, distribution, topography, and optical properties of the formed Ti NPs were investigated. Electron-beam physical vapor deposition (e-beam PVD) process followed by thermal annealing at 800 C were utilized to synthesize the the Ti nanoparticles with different diameters and highest. Average diameter of Ti NPs varied from 55 nm, for thickness 2 nm, to 145 nm for film thick-ness 18 nm.