Giant paramagnetism of copper nanoparticles in carbon Cu@C nanocomposites

M. Estipanos, M. Goff, E. Sharoyan, A. Manukyan, H. Gyulasaryan, A. Mirzakhanyan, O. Bernal, A. Kocharian
California State University,
United States

Keywords: carbon ferromagnetism, copper damagnetism, nanographite, phthalocyanine, solid-phase pyrolysis


The highly stable ultrasmall (2-6 nm) polycrystalline copper nanocomposites Cu@C nanoparticles (NPs) encapsulated in graphitized carbon shell of phthalocyanine CuPc were obtained by the method of solid-phase pyrolysis of metal free phthalocyanine (H2Pc) ≡ H2 (C32N8H16). Zero-field and field cooled (ZFC-FC) magnetic measurements were carried out by vibrational magnetometer in the temperature range 10-300 K and broad range of magnetic field (0-40kOe). At low temperatures (