Evaluation of anti-cancer drugs on a micofluidic chip

Y. Liu, W. Shi, C. Uhl, A. Thomas
Lehigh University,
United States

Keywords: lab-on-chip, drug test, tumor


To evaluate anti-cancer drug performance, it is important to understand how drug is delivered and interact with tumor microenvironment. Due to the challenges for in vivo imaging, it is usually hard to perform real time monitoring of drug delivery and tumor response to drugs. This talk covers real time characterization, evaluation, and analysis of anti-cancer drug interaction with tumor sites. We developed an integrated microvascular mimetic microfluidic testing platform to evaluate drug delivery to tumor site under vascular flow. A monolayer of endothelium cell is formed in the channels together with tumor cells. The permeability of the endothelium layer is characterized over time to evaluate the drug delivery efficiency. The live/dead tumor cells are quantified to evaluate the drug performance. We aim to provide a systematic design and evaluation tool toward a biomimetic platform for anti-cancer drug testing.