How to Caracterize Soft Nanoparticles

L. Calzolai, P. Urban, P. Iavicoli
European Commission- DG Joint Research Centre,

Keywords: nanoparticles nanomedicine, flow field flow fractionation


There is a growing interest in the development of nanotechnology-based medicines and diagnostics and several nanodrug delivery systems are already in clinical use. Most of these systems used organic nanoparticles (for example liposomes) to carry a therapeutic agent. These “soft” nanoparticle systems are inherently difficult to characterize due to their complexity. In fact, the proper characterization requires determining the single components, the particle size distribution, and the overall morphology of the nanosystem. In this presentation I will show how the combination of different characterization techniques, such as flow field flow fractionation, dynamic light scattering, multi angle light scattering, centrifugal particle sedimentation can address those challenges. In particular I will show how the combination of FFF, DLS, MALS and fluorescence can provide the structure and morphology of lipsome-antimicrobial peptides complexes.