Simultaneous thermal conductivity and volume measurements of diamond micro particles

M. Goni, E. Ziade, M. Patelka, S. Ikeda, A. Schmidt
Boston University,
United States

Keywords: diamond, particles, composites


Diamond micro particles are gaining use in composite materials to increase the thermal conductivity of conventional materials such as copper or aluminum. Obtaining the value of the particle’s thermal conductivity as well as its thermal interface conductance with different metals is essential to correctly determine the overall thermal properties of the composite. Measuring these two thermal properties is challenging due to the particles small size and complex geometry. A technique based on Frequency Domain Thermoreflectance (FDTR) has been developed to characterize both the thermal conductivity of individual diamond particles and the thermal interface conductance between diamond and different metals. This pump-probe technique finds regions on individual diamond particles where the lasers can be focused to perform the measurement. Then, a thermal model consisting of a cylindrical stack of materials is used to extract the particle’s thermal conductivity, thermal interface conductance and volume.