The Key Technologies of Laser Surface Texturing and the Relative Equipments

H. Fu, Y. Fu, X. Hua, J. Ji, Y. Ye, Z. Kang, T. Chen
Jiangsu University,

Keywords: laser surface texturing, optimization design, equipment, engineering application


Recently, there are three challenges of engineering practices of surface texturing for the diversity of geometrical shapes and complex operating conditions of mechanical components, such as optimal design, machining and equipment. Our group has always studied focus on the optimization design of discriminating partition surface texturing, precision and micro machining technology, processing equipment and engineering applications. The concepts of optimization design of discriminating partition surface texturing and the processing of single pulse intervals laser micro-surface texturing (SPIL) were proposed. In order to enable the manufacture of the various machinery parts surfaces by the processing of SPIL, the precision and micro laser machining equipment with high versatility has been developed. A laser surface texturing production equipment has been developed to manufacture the textured four-cylinder, which can meet the efficiency and stability of industrialization.