Torsional yarn actuator driven by magnet force

D. Weon Lee, S. Jeong Kim
Hanyang University,

Keywords: torsional actuator, magnet


we developed magnetic torsional actuator resulting from applying an external magnetic field along the yarn direction of a CNT yarn that includes a nano or micro size of magnetic particles. The actuating device consists of a pristine MWNT yarn that was in line with another magnetic MWNT yarn, with a paddle indicating a rotational range. The yarn configuration, in which the yarns have the same chirality and are torsionally tethered at yarn’s ends, was connected vertically with the pristine yarn on top. Application of a magnetic field, which was controlled by electromagnet, drove torsional actuation, reversibly. This actuation method can be applied over extreme temperatures in air, explosive, vacuum, corrosive environments or flammable, as long as any harsh environment does not degrade either the unique properties of the magnetic particles or those of the CNT yarn in the actuator.