Big Data for Agriculture 1: Farmers QA

M. Feng, X. Li, W. Zhang, C.C. Zhou
Cascade Clean Energy, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: Big data, Agriculture, Farmer's QA, Crop disease, self-diagnosis,


The data system for agriculture is more complicated than for other industries. We tried to build an integrated information system from 1636 counties in China and some states in US as a test bed for a future big data system of agriculture world wide for United Nations. We developed a Farmers QA, an automatic diagnostic system of agricultural crops based on real time photos and entries from smart phones by a farmer. This automatic diagnostic system is linked to the farmers, the 1 million field farming technicians, fertilizers and other equipment suppliers. Farmers QA is also complimentary with farming technicians online. The Technicians answers to farmers questions are used for reinforced learning of the Farmers QA. In addition, we also used collaborative learning agents to analyze the prices of all the agricultural products, including crops, vegetables, farm animals and aquatic products. We also analyze factors impacting the price fluctuation. In comparison to China’s 700 million agricultural population, 200 million farming households China, the United States have a much smaller size, about 7 million agricultural population, and 2.2 million farming households. Both countries have nearly the same farming productions economically. A big data system to accommodate both super powers in agriculture offered great challenge and business opportunities.