Desalinating Ocean Water With Recyclable Inorganic Materials

C. Muniz
Oregon State Universisty,
United States

Keywords: desalination, ion exchange, polyoxometalate, ocean water treatment, inorganic chemistry


A two step ion exchange process has been shown to desalinate a solution of 0.55M NaCl via aqueous inorganic solution chemistry. A niobium precursor was utilized to precipitate sodium, and a silver precursor was activated to precipitate chloride. This process is recyclable in that both final products can be reverted back to their respective precursor materials. The effective reaction is an ion exchange to convert Na+ to H+, and Cl- to OH-. H+ and OH- combine to form water as salt is removed. Using ion exchange resins to instigate this reaction uneconomical, as the resins must be regenerated and cleaned with fresh water, and they decompose over time. A stark advantage of using this process is that the recyclable inorganic precursors don't decompose over time, and they don't require fresh water to be cleaned. The process is covered in depth in the attached PDF. **I have a PDF but cannot upload it on this page. My email is Please contact me so I can share the PDF**.