Howard Fairbrother


Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Fairbrother’s research interests are focused on understanding interfacial phenomena in environmental processes, often through detailed surface analysis. His work has included studies on the effect that surface chemistry has on the environmentally relevant properties of carbon based materials, including carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Recently he has extended the scope of his research activities to the life-cycle analysis of solid phase CNT materials, such as polymer nanocomposites modified by CNTs, which are increasingly prevalent as commercial products. In related work he is also working on applying cutting edge deposition techniques such as atomic layer deposition to create advanced water treatment systems capable of remediating both existing and emerging contaminants. Dr. Fairbrother is a recipient of a Career award from the National Science Foundation in 2000 and was elected as an ACS Fellow in 2011. He has recently been appointed as a senior editor for the Journal of Physical Chemistry.