Jean-Francois Damlencourt

Laboratory Innovation in Technologies for new Energies and Nanomaterials

CEA Grenoble, France

Jean-François Damlencourt was born in Valenciennes, France, in 1970. He received his Ph.D. degrees in Material Science from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France, in 2000.The same year, he joined the electronic institute (LETI) of the CEA-Grenoble, as an R&D engineer. He was working on the development of high dielectric constant oxide (HfO2, Al2O3,…) for MOS, MIM and DRAM applications during 3 years. In July 2003, he worked on the SiGe/Ge growth and GeOI techniques for microelectronic devices. In 2010, he integrated the CEA/LITEN to work on back contact PV cells project and in 2002 on bipolar Li-Ion batteries projects. During this period he was also coordinator of an European LiFe project. He was author and co-author of more than 100 scientific papers, proceedings, book chapters and 18 patents in the field of materials science. His current research interests include materials, surface science and nanocharacterization. Since January 2014, he is the head of the nanocharacterization and nanosafety laboratory in the LITEN material department (DTNM).