Prantik Mazumder

Senior Research Associate

Corning Incorporated

Prantik Mazumder is currently a Senior Research Associate in Thin Films and Surfaces, Science and Technology, Corning Incorporated. He joined Corning Incorporated in 1999 and worked on wide-ranging interdisciplinary research projects at the intersections of chemical engineering, materials science, surface and intermolecular phenomena, nanotechnology, mathematical modeling and numerical simulation. A few examples include: Plasma chemical vapor deposition system for optical fiber manufacturing, characterization and development of low-loss waveguides, capacitive de-ionization for water purification, free standing silicon wafer processing for low cost photovoltaic, chemical fining of glass melt, fluorescence-independent optical sensor for high throughput screening, bonding and debonding technologies for silicon or glass based devices, and anti-smudge and anti-reflection surfaces . Prantik currently leads various projects related to surface modification via chemistry and nano-engineering to achieve unique combinations of wetting, adhesion, chemical, optical and tribological properties.

Prantik has authored over 30 publications and holds 20 US Patents and over 70 pending applications.He received Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Masters and Bachelors degrees in Chemical Engineering.