Robert Wadams

Senior Scientist

Pfizer Inc.

Robert is a Senior Scientist in the Materials Science group at Pfizer where he manages the particle characterization laboratory. His lab supports both early and late stage active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) development, as well as drug product formulation programs. Within this role, Robert is responsible for developing new characterization platforms for understanding the physicochemical behavior of API, API-excipient interactions, as well as the characterization of API in drug product. The scope of developing such techniques lies within their ability to serve as predictive measurement schemes for assessing bulk API physical and chemical stability, ease of manufacture, as well as drug product formulation stability. His research interests include the application of electron and scanning probe microscopy, and related spectroscopic techniques towards these initiatives.

Prior to joining Pfizer, Robert received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Rutgers University, where his academic training was funded by a joint National Science Foundation IGERT fellowship between Rutgers University and Princeton University. His doctoral research was primarily in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory, and emphasized bottom-up synthetic tuning of nanocrystal morphology, controlling nanoparticle surface chemistry through solution-based ligand exchange, and the fabrication of plasmonic nanoparticle-bulk heterojunction active layers for improved organic photovoltaic efficiency. Furthermore, his studies included the application of statistical models to understand self-assembled, mixed-monolayer equilibrium composition on material surfaces, and its potential application in guiding ligand exchange on nanoparticle surfaces.