Sha-Chelle Manning

Director, Corporate Innovation

Pioneer Natural Resources

ShaChelle Devlin Manning is the Director of Corporate Innovation for Pioneer Natural Resources, a large independent oil and gas production and exploration company. Pioneer’s advanced technology, strategic practices and integrated services model make Pioneer an independent industry leader.

Manning is on the Board of Directors for Astrotech Corporation, which has led the commercial space industry for 25 years, preparing and sending satellites, cargo and science into space. Manning was co-founder of Malibu IQ, a $22M investment partnership consisting of HRL Laboratories (NASDQ Members: GM and BA) to commercialize inventions and technology, Manning was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to serve two terms on the Texas Emerging Technology Fund Advisory Committee. Manning has served as a Consultant for Lockheed Martin, Texas A&M University System, Climate Prosperity Enterprise Solutions. Manning was Managing Director of Nanoholdings, a venture firm , and was a key leader of two entrepreneurial start- ups in North Texas; Authentix (acquired by the Carlyle Group) and Zyvex, a leading Nanotechnogy firm that has over three successful spin-outs. Currently Manning serves on the Tech Titans Executive Committee.

Manning holds an MBA in Telecommunications from University of Dallas and a BA in Communications from Loras College. ShaChelle and her family reside in Fairview, TX.