Richard A Canady


Dr. Richard Canady has covered a wide range of health risk management issues for foods and the environment over a nearly 30 year teaching and public policy career including senior scientist roles at CDC, FDA, and the Executive Office of the President. He specializes in leading multi-stakeholder expert groups in addressing shared public health goals on technical topics underlying divisive policy issues. Current projects include NanoRelease methods consortia for methods to measure nanomaterials from foods and consumer products, a foresight report for the Horizon 2020 Prosafe project on Safe by Design for nanomaterial uses, case studies on big data for food exposure in the iFoodExposure project, advising the Italian National Research Council on emerging technology to ensure a Diversified Adaptable Food supply, and participating in the Exposure through the Life Cycle Community of Research for the US White House and European Commissions cooperative program on nanotechnology research.