Ennio Capria

Industrial Liaison Engineer, IRT NanoElec Platform of Advanced Characterization

ESRF - European Radiation Synchrotron Facility, France

Ennio Capria gained his PhD in Applied Physics in the Nanotechnology Department of Cranfield University (UK) on a project of characterisation of electro-hydrodynamic phenomena meant to establish a process of micro-assembly of piezoelectric fibres via electrostatic manipulation.

After, he undertook a series of academic and industrial positions in different sectors of nanotechnology. He worked at the Imperial College on a development project of an electrochemical nanobiosensor platform for biomedical applications, in collaboration with the company NanoBioDesign. Furthermore, he worked on various industrial projects in the field of the nanocomposites development and production.

In 2011 Ennio joined Elettra where he worked on the manufacturing and characterisation of organic optoelectronic devices and particularly to their characterisation with synchrotron light. He worked on the development of polymer based photodiodes and of semi-conducting single crystals potentially employed for the detection of ionising radiations.

Finally, from 2013 Ennio joined the ESRF where he coordinates the innovation activities of the IRT NanoElec Platform of Advanced Characterisation, a partnership (with ILL and CEA-PFNC) aiming to open the unrivalled capabilities offered by synchrotron and neutron characterisations to the micro- and nano-electronics industry. In particular Ennio is coordinating the industrial collaborations and the installation of novel industry tailored dedicated instruments on specific beamlines.