Hermenegildo Garcia


Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Hermenegildo García is full Professor at the Instituto de Tecnología química of the Technical University of Valencia, a joint centre of the Technical University of Valencia and the Spanish National Research Council and Honorary Adjunct Professor at the Centre of Excellence in Advanced Materials Research of King Abdullaziz University. He made postdoctoral stay at the University of Reading with Professor Andrew Gilbert and several sabbatical leaves in the group of Professor J.C. Scaiano at the University of Ottawa. Prof. Garcia has been active in the field of heterogeneous catalysis working with porous catalysts and nanoparticles, has published over 550 papers and has filed over 25 patents. Prof. Garcia is Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Bucharest and the recipient of the 2011 Janssen-Cilag award given by the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry and the 2008 Alpha Gold of the Spanish society of Glass and Ceramics.