Particle analysis system for characterizing the surface properties of indiviual nanoparticles

R. Hart, C. Ashcroft, T. Castner, X. Li, N. Alessi, J. Zhang, B. DiPaolo, B. Cordovez, C. Earhart
United States

Keywords: nanomedicine, nanotoxicity, particle analysis, light scattering, waveguide, interaction


We present the market’s latest particle analysis system. The NanoTweezer Surface uses cutting edge nanophotonics and microfluidics to analyze nanoscale particles in solution, chiefly characterizing their size and their surface properties, simply not possible with current instrumentation. The device uses near field optics to impart optical forces that drive the particles to interact against a reference surface, and by measuring the amount of light these particles scatter, the NanoTweezer Surface characterizes the interaction potential to infers the surface properties of the particle. Researchers are using our tool in nanomedicine and nanotoxicity to measure weak and non-ionic interactions such as those imparted when a particle is PEGylated, as well as assess ligand coverage during surface functionalization. The system allows researchers to better assess formulation stability, particle surface coverage and offers key new insights to make better colloidal systems. We will dive into the device physics as well as offer case studies.