Microsensors for Continuous In Vivo Monitoring in Pre-Clinical and Clinical Applications

B. Jamieson
Scientific & Biomedical Microsystems, LLC,
United States

Keywords: microsensors, biosensors, aptamer


We have developed an aptamer-based biosensor that utilizes an electro-active reporter molecule to transduce chemical concentration to current. By engineering custom aptamers for high sensitivity and selectivity, we have developed a biosensor platform that can be utilized for measuring multiple or single analytes in vivo. I will report on our work integrating these sensors into an IV catheter platform for commercial use in both pre-clinical and clinical applications. I will show in vitro and in vivo data illustrating the detection and quantitation of doxorubicin, cytokines, cocaine, PGDF and kanamycin. Two schemes for producing 6-12 hour patency recordings in circulating whole blood will be discussed.