Process for improvement of corrosion resistance on Stainless Steel

S. Piesslinger-Schweiger

Keywords: corrosion resistance, stainless steel


There is a new approach to corrosion resistance of S.S. by considering S.S. as a „composite“ consisting of a metallic base and a non-metallic protective layer, the Passiv Layer. Research on the influence of chemistry and structure of the Passive Layer to the corrosion resistance of S.S. has revealed a complex and variable system. The corrosion resistance of S.S. can be significantly improved by upgrading the Passive Layer independently from the base metal by application of chemical and thermic means. A special Passivation Process has been developed to improve chemistry and structure of the Passive Layer. It provides substantial improvements in a wide range of corrosion effects. The Passivation Process is save, easy and proven in application. It is not hazardous, biodegradable, and easy to apply.