Aluminium Nitride Thin Film for Mid-Infrared Integrated Photonics

P.T. Lin
Texas A&M University,
United States

Keywords: mid-infrared, III-V semiconductors, integrated optics, CMOS-compatible


Mid-infrared on-chip devices including waveguides and beam splitters are developed on a CMOS-compatible aluminum nitride (AlN)-on-silicon thin films. The AlN waveguiding layer is prepared by sputter deposition. An optical loss of 0.83 dB/cm at λ = 2.5 µm is achieved. In addition, we demonstrate an efficient mid-IR beam splitter with a < 2 % power difference between adjacent channels. With the inherent advantage of ultra-wide transparent window (ultraviolent to mid-IR), our AlN mid-IR platform leads to the creation of a broadband optical network on a chip.