Multi-domain Characterization of Nanoscale Micro-electronic and Energy Materials

A. Haque
Pennsylvania State University,
United States

Keywords: thin films, multi-physics, insitu TEM


We present experimental techniques for measuring mechanical (stress-strain, fracture, fatigue, high temperature), thermal (conductivity and interfacial thermal conductance) and electrical (conductivity, bandgap, dielectric breakdown) properties of materials with characteristic length-scale of 50 nm or lower. The specimens are freestanding, which eliminates the possibility of errors coming from the substrate. In addition, the experimental setup is only 3mm x 5mm in size, which makes it adaptable to virtually any form of microscopy. We demonstrate this with the most difficult type – the transmission electron microscope (TEM) that has the smallest chamber, but also allows us to ‘see’ the internal microstructure and defects at up to atomic resolution.