Silicone Nanostructures: Structures and application in Chemical Catalysis

S. Seeger
University of Zurich,

Keywords: nanocomposite, polysiloxane nanostructures, catalysis


Some years ago we have developed nanostructures, in particular filaments made from silanes. Used as coatings they show interesting effects concerning wettability. Superhydrophobicity and superoleophobicity are easily achieved with such structures. Here we present the use of silicone nanofilaments as carrier of catalytically active materials. It is shown how nanocomposites can be achieved with extremely high surface area and catalytical activity. The new nanocomposite materials are useful in chemical catalysis applied to important chemical processes, new material for the watersplitting reaction and for decomposition of organic material. Also materials for separation of aqueous and organic liquids are presented.