Direct Metal Laser Sintering (Dmls) for Application in Manufactured of Condyle Prostheses

F.C. Almeida, A.L. Jardini, L.F. Bernardes, M.A. Larosa, E.C. Martins, C.A. de Carvalho Zaváglia, R.M. Filho
State University of Campinas INCT/BIOFABRIS,

Keywords: DMLS, direct metal laser sintering, condyle, fracture, customized


To meet the demand for surgical repair procedures or parts of the body is necessary to develop biomaterials and surgical techniques in order to optimize procedures to restore the health of pacients. A process that has been incorporated into the medical area since the late 80´s is rapid prototyping. This integrated technology of computed tomography techniques and magnetic ressonance made it possible to obtain solid biomodels facilitating surgical procedures and reducing the risks. Currently the rapid prototyping enables the manufacture of customized prosthetic implants directly adjusting the pacients needs. The aim of this work is present a customized condyle prostheses manufactured by Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process and some results concerning the mechanical properties. The image was performed for acquisition of tomographic images (CONE BEAM) in DICOM files and using the InVesallius program. The model of the bone defect was performed the reconstruction of 3D virtual images of the bone areas with fractures following symmetries and then reconstruction the images were used for the manufactured of customized condyle prostheses. Specimens were manufactured by Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and the material used to production of the specimens was a Ti6Al4V alloy commercial powder. This powder presents a spherical morphology with average particle size of 57 µm. The equipment used was the EOS (EOS GmbH) and the process of customized condyle prostheses manufactured was to enter the equipment with titanium alloy powder and distribute this well in layers. After synthesis of all layers, the customized condyle prostheses were subjected to heat treatment and then polishing the surface. The mechanical properties of condyle prostheses made of conventional titanium alloy showed yield strength of 953 MPa, tensile strength of 1038 MPa, modulus of elasticity of 106 Gpa and streching of 13,9%. The mechanical properties of customized condyle prostheses made of 3D printing titanium alloy powder by Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process showed yield strength of 957 MPa, tensile strength of 1172 MPa, modulus of elasticity of 108 Gpa and streching of 11%. The manufacture of customized condyle prostheses by Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process was suitable to be adapted to the region that had the bone defects.