Microfluidic Devices for Drug Delivery and Permeability Evaluation

Y. Liu, C. Uhl
Lehigh University,
United States

Keywords: microfluidic, drug delivery, biomemetic


This technique covers multiscale characterization, evaluation, and design for adhesion dynamics of nanoparticles and cells. Nanoparticulate systems have been widely used in diagnostic imaging and targeted therapeutic applications in recent years. One of the major challenges in nanomedicine is to improve particle selectivity and adhesion efficiency under complex vascular flow conditions. We developed an integrated microvascular mimetic microfluidic testing platform to evaluate nanoparticle targeted delivery under vascular flow. A monolayer of endothelium cell is formed in the channel and activated locally through TNF-α to mimic the physiological diseased region. NP binding dynamics under a range of shear rates are characterized to evaluate the targeting efficiency. We aim to provide a systematic design and evaluation tool toward a virtual vascular platform for nanomedicine testing.