cSilkā„¢: A Carbon Nanotube Template for Production of Conformal Nanotube Coatings, Composite Yarns and Sheets

M. Dias Lima
Lintec of America,
United States

Keywords: carbon nanotubes, composites, aerogel, yarns, fibers, spinning


C-Silk: a carbon nanotube template for production of conformal nanotube coatings, composite yarns and sheets Lintec of America has recently developed continuous processes for production of highly aligned, free-standing carbon nanotubes sheets (c-Silk) at an attractive low cost that enables the production of large amounts of coatings, composite yarns and sheets. C-Silk can be easily applied over complex shape substrates producing a robust and uniform conductive coating. Through a new manufacturing process called biscrolling, c-Silk can be used for producing continuous composite yarns and sheets comprising up to 99 wt % of otherwise unspinnable nanopowders or nanofibers that remain highly functional. These methods utilize the strength and electronic connectivity of sometimes minute amounts of 50 nm thick carbon nanotube sheets that are helically scrolled in the yarns or stacked on sheets confining nanopowders, micropowders, or nanofibers between the layers of aligned nanotubes. This new technology has been demonstrated on the manufacturing of ribbons yarns, superconductors, high performance battery materials, catalytic oxygen electrodes for fuel cells, TiO2 for release of active oxygen, and strong sutures containing biomedical agents. The observed mechanical properties enable yarn knotting and the weaving and sewing of biscrolled multifunctional yarns into textiles.